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Welcome to Coastal Virginia Paranormal. We are a non-profit
paranormal group who prides themselves on thorough investigations
and evidence review. Our members have many years of experience
and are happy to assist in any way.
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We had the privlage to do a flight
video for Belle Grove Plantation in
King George, VA (seen to the left). We
are also pleased to announce that we
will be assisting them Sept 10th for
their Spirits Festival. We will be
taking groups through the plantation
and doing tours of their more
paranormal guests. We look forward
to working with the folks at Belle
Grove, come out and say hi to the
crew and check out this awesome

Click HERE to visit the site of this
breathtaking bed and breakfast.
Are you concerned you may have something in your home or place of business. If you would like to request an investigation or just need someone to talk to about things happening around you, contact us here.
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